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Our Vision

A World Without Human Trafficking and Exploitation

Our Mission

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“As professionals we will work passionately and relentlessly to reduce human trafficking for exploitation by empowering, engaging, and expanding our network of partners using the 6Ps and 6Rs of the globally acknowledged Impulse Model”


The approximate number of women and children rescued by the Impulse NGO Network over the years. With your support, we can help even more survivors around the world.

The Impulse Model

Towards A World Without Human Trafficking and Exploitation.

Impulse NGO Network (INGON) was started with the purpose of addressing trafficking of women and children of northeast India for sexual exploitation and forced labour, but given the enormity and spread of the problem, our work in this area soon extended to other parts of the country, and around the world as well.

Over the years, INGON has been involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of thousands of women and children, with its globally acknowledged “Impulse Model”. The organisation continues to expand by empowering individuals, educating stakeholders, and building capacity across borders, with passion and professionalism – all adding up to reduce the demand and supply of humans for trafficking, and put an end to sexual exploitation and forced labour worldwide. [continue reading, here]

Reflections & Testimonials

The Impulse Case Info Centre will go a long way, as it will open doors, for healthy dialogue about the protection on human rights in South East Asia at a day and age where Government are only engaging around economic and strategic affairs.

Miguel Das Queah Chairperson UTSAH

To begin, I did not realise my six weeks of internship had passed so quickly and had come to a closure… the six weeks spent at the organisation has been an enriching journey… it has been a remarkable experience!

Vivek Chhetri Intern, from Tata Institute for Social Sciences

I must say that Ms. Hasina Kharbhih is a treasure not only to Shillong, but to the entire country and the world at large. Her selfless effort and un paralleled leadership in the fight against human trafficking, is an inspiration even to Police Officers like me…

Sonam Yankeela Bhutia Inspector, Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) Sikkim Police

I had a good learning experience during the trip organised by Impulse NGO Network, to understand cross-border anti-trafficking efforts in Myanmar and Thailand, and understanding different problems, role of officers, judiciary, local laws, and good practices of each country.

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Sunil Mow Advocate, and Chairman - Athupopu Social Foundation

Bags Bali Ladies Messenger Women Hobo Panier Bags Rattan Round Crossbody Summer Beach Beige Shoulder For Plage Small Bohemian Straw Human Trafficking is a crime upon Humanity that requires various stakeholders to work in tandem. One platform for such actions is provided for through the Impulse Case Info Centre – both national and transnational. Its promotion and use must be a priority.

Shouka Kakheto, NPS Additional Deputy Commissioner Nagaland Police

Collaborations & Conferences

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