Gil Royal amp; Dwell Nat Matt Crossbody xUYHWw

Gil Royal amp; Dwell Nat Matt Crossbody xUYHWw Gil Royal amp; Dwell Nat Matt Crossbody xUYHWw

Impulse -- Swivel chair

Good design demands a strong creative Impulse. Ralf Umland in collaboration with the Viasit development team has created, using a perfectly conceived modular design principle, a product range with a powerful, distinctive design. Impulse collection – the name says it all.

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Modular concept

The complete product family is based on a modular concept for individual swivel chair  configuration. The base, headrest, arm choices, sliding seat, dynamic tilt, lumbar support upholstered and mesh backrest offer a wide range of options whilst the sophisticated synchronous mechanism with integrated functionality is the same for all models.


Summary of Impulse swivel chair :

  • Function buttons are discreetly and logically arranged, providing easy and rapid adjustment. All function buttons are identified with clear symbols that explain use.
  • Arm width adjustment  is continuous and operated using a quick release lever.
  • Both upholstered and mesh backs can be fitted with an adjustable lumbar support. Simple turn wheels provide instant lateral adjustment.
  • The backrest height can be increased by up to 70 mm and is easily and ergonomicly adjusted using two push buttons.
  • The combination of the synchronous action and wide recline angle of the backrest  give allow the chair to adapt perfectly to the natural movement of the user.
  • From the starting position of 0° the dynamic tilt seat has 2 stages of forward movement  to 8°. The tilt raises your pelvis ensuring a good sitting posture.
  • The mesh backrest can also be fitted with an adjustable lumbar support.
  • Armrest height can be easily adjusted by 100 mm. The supports are integrated into the seat chasis and are adjusted independently of the sliding seat and will not move when the seat depth is adjusted. They thus retain their correct position in relation to the backrest and provide optimum support.
  • The soft polyurethane arms provide comfortable support, they can be moved backwards and forwards by 30 mm.



Product brochure

Impulse Web-Manual

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